Useful Links

Information about financial aid can be confusing. Be sure to be in touch with your Guidance Office and with your college's financial aid web page and Financial Aid Office. Be careful of any site that requires a fee before you can get the service. Some sources of information are listed here.

Federal Financial Aid and the FAFSA -- for information about federal aid -- to apply using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA)

File the Federal FAFSA; programs include MASSGrant, other grants, tuition waivers, and a  loan that is interest-free (the No Interest Loan). 

Scholarship and Financial Aid Information -- Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarships, available to New Englanders -- available only to Boston residents. The city of Boston also has a scholarship guide on its website, Higher Education Funding Opportunties, listing other resources. -- financial aid information, hands-on help -- linked to FastWeb Scholarship Search (free); includes information about paying for college -- information about financial aid and scholarships; also, SATs and CSS Profile

Loans and Financing -- The Massachusetts Financing Authority helps Massachusetss families understand loans and financing and offers loans.

Students generally receive a federal Direct Loan in the aid package. There are private loans, including some that are non-interest bearing. Exercise care in choosing this type of loan. Private loans can also carry high interest rates and other requirements (such as epayment while in college, no deferment for graduate study) that can pose difficulties. Exercise care in choosing loan programs and be a wise student borrower.