Repaying the Fund

Grace Edwards hoped that recipients of her Scholarship would repay the Fund when they were established in their professions and able to do so. The Scholarship is gift money, not a loan, and repayment is voluntary. Grace Edwards hoped that the Fund would grow from repayments, enabling even more future students to receive the benefit of the Scholarship. Donations to the Fund complete the circle of giving.

The Edwards Scholarship Fund is an eligible charity under Section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS tax code. Repayments to the Fund are considered to be donations and are tax deductible. Donations are acknowledged in writing by the Fund. Anyone, in addition to past recipients, can donate to the Fund. In addition, we accept matching funds from the donor's place of employment. All donations are welcome.

Donations should be made to the Edwards Scholarship Fund in the form of a check. We cannot accept cash or on-line credit card payments. Our contact information is:

Edwards Scholarship Fund
89 South St, Suite 603
Boston, MA 02111
Telephone: 617-737-3400 Thank you in advance for your consideration.