Apply Here

The on-line Applications for 2018-2019 are under development. Do not use the links on this page. They will lead to the wrong application forms. The PDFs at the bottom of the page can still give you a good idea of what the new on-line Applications will look like. You can use them as a rough draft but do not mail them to the Fund and be aware that there will be some revisions to the final on-line Applications. Thank you!

The first link is for students in high school who have never received an Edwards Scholarship. The second is for students in college who have never received the Scholarship. The third is for our renewal applicants, students who have received the Scholarship and wish to renew it for 2017-2018.

After you apply, you will receive an acknowledgement of your application, along with next steps. The acknowledgement contains a link to be used for the submission of outstanding documents.

PDF versions of an older Applications are attached at the bottom of this page. They are very similar to the Applications for 2017-2018. They can be used for drafts. Please note: you must apply on-line in order for your application to be considered.